Sunday, July 23, 2006

Loral Langemeier and the Virtual Real Estate Millionaire

Is Loral the real McCoy or is she just another hot blonde babe with a silver tongue and brain crammed with financial genius...

too good to be true?

I have joined her network and will put her system to the test.

Could be interesting.

Share your impressions of Loral right here.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Discover the Secret to Buying & Selling Virtual Estate

When you're a complete gonzo
genius like John Reese, you can
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Many unctious accolader are thrown
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Glowing Testimonials like...

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Those were someone's exact words.

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I recently sent you a message to tell
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In case you might be wondering
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Just read what other folks had
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(John sent me a copy of some of
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"John, I was very impressed with your report
and in particular the depth in which you cover
each topic. Too many times the so called
'gurus' give very sparse information ie 'it is
important to grow your list' and leave it at that.
No direction. No instruction on how to do it. No
help whatsoever. Your report, on the other hand,
goes into great detail to help people like myself.
The "Inbox" feature, where you answer your
subscribers questions - again, in depth - is
worth its weight in gold. Keep up the good work."

- Joe Watson

"I love your newsletter and the fact that you
really care about my success. The amount
of material you give is breathtaking."

- Peter Nickson

"I learned more in 45 minutes than I have
in the last year."

- Bob Smith

"Your report was excellent! I thought I knew
a little about SEO and tactics and even
considered myself a bit of a "know it all" when
it came to SEO, but your report made me
realize that there is so much more I need to
learn to even be considered average!
I will be strongly recommending you in
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- Alan Spence

"I found the Report to be absolutely informative
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that have researched and paid a lot of money
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- Virginia Eubanks

"Internet Marketing is at times an arena full
of self professed experts, snake oil salesmen
and hype-meisters. With only this jam packed
issue of John Reese's monthly newsletter I
was instantly able to get a number of instant
income generating ideas -- not only from
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If you are at that frustrating level where you
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- Roseanne van Langenberg

"John, I just received my first issue of
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- Mark Strong

"John, The free issue of your "Reese Report"
was absolutely fabulous. I'm a physician in
Family Practice and trying to learn information
marketing in my "spare time". I had my 1st site
ready to go live this weekend. I got your newsletter
just before the weekend, and am now redoing my
site before going live. Being a physician, I think I
need to know every thing about information
marketing before I begin. I have bought, read
and listened to material from 5 leading
copywriters, traffic experts, adsense and
adword gurus, in addition to attending many
seminars. I couldn't believe it when I read your
one newsletter-- all of their best ideas, and more,
were right there in your newsletter. And what's
more, I got to read it for FREE! I love your low-key,
matter-of-fact approach to teaching this material.
I anxiously look forward to the next issue. Thanks."

- Jerry Rodgers, M.D.

"The free issue I received was jam packed with
great information. I can't believe that you are
giving out this information to just anyone who
wants it. The information provided in this newsletter
is without a doubt the best information I have ever
read about making money on the internet and you
do not even need to know much about computers
to implement the strategies. Thank you
very much."

-Dominick Perrone

"John obviously goes to a lot of effort to over-deliver
with tested, useable content. Not B.S. theory.
(Each section from the newsletter has enough
info to get at least one business started around it.)
I appreciate your generosity."

- Chad Ernst

"The trial copy of The Reese Report offered
EXACTLY what all of us marketing on the
internet are looking for - real content with
minimal fluff, real tips and tricks we hadn't
seen before and real ways to improve our
online profitability. John doesn't just overdeliver,
he overdelivers on the overdelivery. Way more
good stuff than in whole courses (um, deep
cough here as I realize what an idiot I've been)
I've paid $500 or more for - and that's just in
the free trial issue!"

- Charles Stubbs

"WOW! I expected this report to be good
considering it's source but I never expected to
be overwelmed with rock solid, cut-to-the-chase
useful information. Your definitions, techniques
and procedures are consise, to the point and
have a few tips and secrets thrown in that
clarify the "why" as well as to the "how to"
appeal to human nature. I'm sure that if I
read it over again a fourth time that I will
have a few more of those "aha" moments."

- Steve Hespen

"Hello John, I promised myself that this year
I would make the internet my personal ATM
machine and I started it with your Reese Report.
I have read it at least 6 times. I believe that this
is the tool that I needed to begin moving toward
my goal. Thank you for your commitment to
helping other people to live their dreams."

- Scott Whittle

"Hi John, I have to tell you I was extremely
impressed with the fantastic information you
shared in "The Reese Report." Honestly, I
couldn't believe how much cutting edge
material you packed into the report. I've
read expensive ebooks that didn't contain
as much high quality content as you shared
in just one issue. I have to confess that I've
been "spying" on you for several years, trying
to figure out the "secrets" of your success.
Thank you for finally "pulling the curtain back"
and revealing your tried and tested strategies
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- Scott Memmott

"What a gold mine of information! Full of info,
ideas, how-to's and resources and it covered
a tremendous amount of territory. Not to
mention being tremendously motivating.
I am truly impressed and look forward to more."

- Sharon Turnbull

"Thank you for this newletter. I was very
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- Steve Fortenberry

"John, I have paid more money for "marketing
courses" that have less content and were
certantly less quality than your monthly
Reese Report. Your members will never need
another "course" or "program" as long as
they are receiving your information packed

- Scott Lambert

"John, I just finished reading the complimentary
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skeptical at first, but that had to be one of the
best newsletters I've ever read. It was absolutely
packed with real value content, not just a bunch
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the real deal. If all your newsletters are this valuable,
you have gained another customer for life."

- Scott Tanis

"Hi John, Wow! Fantastic insight! I can see that
I was going about it all wrong. I will be applying
your techniques right away. This is a powerful
must read for any serious internet marketer
looking to do things the "right" way. No
questionable tactics here!"

- Bill Green

"I was completely blown away by the strategies
you are using and teaching. I have to say your
strategies are unique, timely, and overall, quite
shocking! It's hard to believe that someone is
actually out there raking in all this "dough" all
under the radar. :) Amazing! Thanks again for
all the info . . . I'm all ready thinking of ways
to build my "empire"! May you be blessed
John, far beyond how you've blessed me
(and not just through this report I might add).
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!"

- Clifton Henry

"Your report is the best information I've ever
read about making money online. But much
more than that, it covers other things which
are even more important like sharing the
results of "tests" that people have done, so
I can benefit without taking all the time, effort
and dollars to do it myself and try to reinvent
the wheel. Unlike the rest of the "internet gurus",
you write about things you actually do and
are making $$$$....that's key!! The resources
you suggest are invaluable and again save me
huge amounts of time finding them myself.
Your insights into different ways to make
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- Robert Bencivenga



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