Sunday, October 04, 2009

REPI Hits The Real Estate Market Hard!

REPI Hits The Real Estate Market Hard!

REMINDER: Real Estate Power Investor Launched! 
RE: Bill Whetstone's REPI VIP Invite 
IMPORTANT: Real Estate Power Investor Course VIP Invite  

Main Message: The word is out! Charrissa Cawley has gone for beyond the norm with her new program and it seems to have ruffled some feathers in the industry...  


Seems the guru's are showing some distaste because of the low price point of this course compared to all the 4K-12K courses... “Huh? You put your stuff down to a few hundred bucks?! Why?” and “Wow guys this package is huge- can't believe it does't cost ten times more than what you are charging!"  

“It’s nice to be able to offer a product to the masses that won’t break their bank account and is easy to integrate into your life from part time to full time. I’m proud of the package and it feels great that the course is being received well. 

Today marks a special day as we take on a fully digital and virtual relationship with our students, and turn them into real estate experts while teaching them exactly what we do, and exactly how we do it, not leaving even one stone uncovered. 

This is nothing short of being held by the hand while you are on your way to success, and to be sure we even threw in a free 60 day no risk refturn policy for those that for whatever reason, simply do not find tremendous value in what we offer”…  


Again, it’s rare that an expert would go all out like this for such a low price point, but at the same time it’s smart and there is a huge demand for it in today's recession based market. Charrissa knows that her curriculum is incredibly valuable, and she proves it with personal success, not a screen name or actor behind a dot com web address… 

“Why wouldn't I teach people how to do this, it’s a great time to make important decisions about your future, and working for others will always leave you at risk of ‘losing it all’ overnight. I don't want that for my students. They deserve more!" She knows that she can charge way more and get asking price for her curriculum/coaching all day long, but her main passion is to bridge the gap between learning and doing and she sincerely wants to help as many people as she possibly can, achieve true Financial Independence.  


Yours In Success,

Bill Whetstone

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buy & Sell Expiring Domains Hot Virtual Real Estate

Shawn Casey and Matt Smith pull back the curtain to show you how to profit from buying and selling the virtual real estate of expiring domains.

It is not get rich quick but it has definite possibilities

go here and learn the ropes

Orphan Domain Profits

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

House to Home Properties Buys and Sells Real Estate

Sandy Weinstein has been on a mission to discover the latest techniques on home remodeling, repair and renovation. His company, House to Home Properties, LLC in Birmingham, AL is currently seeking experienced sales personnel interested in working at their own pace for very attractive real estate commisions. If you don't have a Real Estate License, don't worry. Sandy can show you how to amass Real Estate Wealth as a team player with House to Home Properties, LLC

Check out this amazing opportunity in Mountain Brook!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

GuruMaxTV the Newest Digital Real Estate

I have not purchased any new Digital Real Estate in years. The realm has been flooded with psuedo internet gurus and aggressive self promoters. I could not resist Andrew Fox's well produced "GuruSlayer" You can check my review here at GuruMaxTV

Speaking of Real Estate, I am closing on my new house next monday. Seems like the mortgage industry is ramping up efforts to protect their investments. My brick bungalow required a structural engineer to pass inspection. Good thing because the seller had to pay for some repairs I probably would have overlooked.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Domain Features Texas Politics

Peggy Carpenter, a respected Broadcast News Director currently managing the rebranding of the new CW and My TV networks, is busy creating a new TEXAS POLITICS blog. We will keep you updated and share the link as soon as it is ready.

I worked with Peggy when she was News Director at FOX6 in Birmingham, AL. Peggy managed the leading news team and strengthened their market share. She has always loved journalism and her new blog is a reflection of her love of her home state where she developed her passion for news.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Real Estate Investor Profits At Crossroads

"Where is the Bubble? What Bubble? came the reply. Here in Birmingham, AL we neither see hear or feel any Real Estate Bubble at all."

280 Equity Inc.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Loral Langemeier and the Virtual Real Estate Millionaire

Is Loral the real McCoy or is she just another hot blonde babe with a silver tongue and brain crammed with financial genius...

too good to be true?

I have joined her network and will put her system to the test.

Could be interesting.

Share your impressions of Loral right here.